What's in the bags?

Our Party Bags are fantastic tall cellophane bags which are see through to allow Children to see all their goodies and they are printed with stars, streamers, balloons etc to add to the fun. All our bags are jam packed with a selection of quality toys and a few sweets.

Although the contents may vary a typical bags might be:

A Typical Girl's Bag

A Typical Boy's Bag

A tall see-through cellophane bag printed with fun designs containing:
  • A Bag of Sweets
  • A Balloon
  • A Bouncy Ball
  • A Temporary Tattoo
A tall see-through cellophane bag printed with fun designs containing
  • A Bag of Sweets
  • A Balloon
  • A Bouncy Ball
  • A Temporary Tattoo


For Unisex Value £1 bags

  • PLUS one extra toy

For Standard £1.50 Girls & Boys bags

  • PLUS three extra toys

For Maxi £2.50 Girls & Boys bags

  • PLUS six extra toys & a punch balloon

At Party Bags For Less we take safety extremely seriously. We know how precious Children are and whilst your child is busy having lots of fun with their party bag, we are busy making sure they stay safe.

So why get your Party Bags from Us?

Well apart from the obvious facts that its both easier and cheaper than making them yourself, here are some things you will NOT find in our Party Bags:

  • Artificial Colours - we only include sweets that contain no artificial colours
  • Lollypops - we all know how Children like to run around especially at a party, so we purposely avoid putting lollypops in our bags as it can be very dangerous if a Child falls over with a lollypop in their mouth.
  • Sticky Chews - not a sticky chew or toffee in sight!
  • Unwrapped chews/lollies/sweets - all sweets or chocolates are in individual wrappers or packets
  • Lots of Sweets - we do include a small bag of sweets and a chocolate square but the rest of the bag is always made up of quality, fun toys.
  • Non CE marked toys - all our toys are CE marked as suitable for Children over 3 years old. {Please note, some stationary and fashion accessories are not catagorised as toys and therefore are not given a CE mark}
  • Lots of Bits & Bobs that never make it out of the Car! - Party Bags for Less was started by a Mum, for Mums (& Dads) and we know only too well what its like to receive a Party Bag containig Cheap plastic "Christmas Cracker" type toys that are looked at for less than a minute and then thrown aside! So at Party Bags for Less we purposely try to include as many items as we can that Children adore, will use straight away, and are delighted to receive over again, like pots of bubbles, for example. We also test out all our Party Bag Items on our panel of Children to make sure they're things the Children really like, and not just the things we think they'd like!
Sorry - Our Party Bags are not suitable for under 3s